Kaiser looking forward to IndyCar

Kyle Kaiser
Kyle Kaiser

Kyle Kaiser, driving for Juncos Racing, wrapped up the Indy Lights Championship today during the most difficult race of the season. Kaiser commented, "We did not race in the rain all year. Today was definitely the trickiest conditions. And I think it was a been a little bit easier if we had been starting up in the front.

"That spray was just gnarly going down the front straight away. You could not see anything. You are going up the esses with two walls on your sides. You can't see where the walls are, where the cars are. You are worried about a car being stopped on the road. I just wanted to bring it home."

"Before we slowed down behind the safety car, I was dry. When the pace car laps came in, I said OK, I am soaked in the car. I expected to be doused with the champagne but not by rain. The water was an unexpected surprise."

We spoke with Kaiser after his celebration about his future as a driver in IndyCar. "I am very excited to go to the next step. I am just starting out with conversations with teams. I want to go where ever I think I can be most successful. I want to get more than 3 races. I don't want to just move up and do three races and then call it a career. This is something I want to do as a living."

We asked if he knew who he would be driving for. Kaiser replied, "I am just getting into discussions now. I don't even know how much is even my choice. It is in the hands of the series, where the money goes for the most part. We are going to wait and see what the decisions is in the coming weeks."

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