Major revamp for F1 car of the future

Formula 1’s governing body has unveiled a radical new aerodynamic concept which it believes will transform the quality of the racing, possibly as soon as 2007. (See this Hot News Item for images of proposed wing)

Acting on the results of a detailed survey of F1 fans that highlighted the lack of overtaking as a key concern, the FIA and its technology partner AMD have come up with an innovative solution called the centerline downwash generating (CDG) wing.

Artists’ impressions of the new car reveal a similar front wing to that on current F1 machinery but a low-slung, cut-away rear wing that appears to have a piece removed from the middle.

The primary aim is to reduce the phenomenon known as ‘dirty air’ which makes it difficult for Formula 1 cars to follow each other closely and thus to overtake.

The new wing shape is designed to change the way the air flows over the back of the car so that cars following behind are much less affected by the loss of front downforce and aerodynamic stability than is currently the case.

If successful, this would mean that cars could run in close proximity even through fast corners, a situation that has not been possible since the early 1990s – dramatically improving the prospects for overtaking.

“This new research is important for the future of Formula 1," said FIA president Max Mosley.

“By introducing the CDG wing we can give motorsport fans exactly what they have asked for: wheel-to-wheel racing with much more overtaking."

The FIA intends the CDG wing, together with wider wheels and slick tires aimed at increasing mechanical grip, to form part of the 2008 technical regulations.

However, their introduction could be brought forward by a year with the agreement of the teams.

“It is our hope that the teams will collaborate with us in the optimization of this radical new idea so that the aerodynamic benefits can be introduced into Formula 1 in 2007 rather than having to wait until 2008," said Mosley. ITV/F1

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