Tesla’s Musk says air suspension coming to Model 3 in 6 months

Those eager to get their hands on a Tesla Model 3 may be better off waiting until the options list rounds out a tad more. Right now, a Tesla Model 3 is limited to only a few options such as colors, wheels, and the choice between a short- and long-range variant. In fact, colors other than black cost extra for those placing an order.

As Tesla continues to move the Model 3 out of "production hell," CEO Elon Musk has divulged when we'll see the automaker's trick "Smart Air Suspension" reach the affordable electric car. He took to Twitter to respond to a production question over the Smart Air Suspension and revealed the feature will join the Model 3's options "in about six months or so." Musk added it will arrive with a dual-motor configuration option.

Right now, Tesla's Model 3 configurator shows the dual-motor, all-wheel drive variant will arrive in spring of 2018, which falls in line with Musk's six-month timetable. Additionally, Musk also said to expect a performance version to arrive sometime in 2018.

The Smart Air Suspension is capable of raising and lowering the car after learning and adapting to roadways. A road detail log is kept by the car, and with help from the onboard GPS, the car can safely creep into unlevel driveways or other places that require lower or higher ride heights. The option was so popular on Model S and Model X vehicles that Tesla made it standard on later models. Before becoming standard, it was a $3,000 option.

Most of the Model 3's other options won't come online for a few months, and other niceties are likely a full year away.

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