Timo Glock to A1GP

UPDATE We now are getting more details from Germany. The plan is to run Timo Glock in free practice at EuroSpeedway, but still Timo Scheider would do the race (things might change of course if Timo Glock proves to be significantly faster). And it's not Nick Heidfeld who might get a tryout, it's his younger brother Sven Heidfeld! Sven used to do German F3 but has been without a (decent) ride for a while. Mark C. 10/03/05 Champ Car driver Timo Glock may race for the Willi Weber owned German A1 Grand Prix team at this weekend's event at the EuroSpeedway in Germany. If Glock doesn't drive, Nick Heidfeld is rumored to get a shot.

This is how NASCAR made the Busch Series popular, by having their big names from Cup race in the Busch Series on a regular basis. It brings credibility to the series and the upcoming drivers. A1GP appears to be taking similar steps – getting top drivers to make guest appearances.

When will Champ Car get Champ Car drivers to make guest appearances in the Atlantic Series for similar reasons?

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