iPhone and iPad users (2nd Update)

UPDATE We failed to mention that if you have an older device and cannot upgrade to iOS 10.2.5 or higher then you will need to continue using the old AR1 version of the app

08/21/17 We have made another improvement to our iPad and iPhone app. To find the latest version in the app store search for the word autoracing1 (not AR1 as you may have done previously). This version (version 3.2) is the same for both the iPhone and iPad. After installing be sure to login. You only have to login once as the app will remember your credentials. The installation should overwrite your previous version. If it does not please delete the old version from your device. If you have any questions you can ask them via the support link on the app menu, or email us at ContactUs@AutoRacing1.com.

08/07/17 For those customers using the AR1 for iPhone app you should have been prompted to install the latest version from the App store.

For those users who were using our AR1 for iPad app you can remove that from your iPad and install the AR1 for iPhone version. That version now works for both the iPhone and iPad and that is the one you should use henceforth.

At some point we will rename the app.

We hope you like the improved interface and for certain the improved speed.

AutoRacing1.com Customer Service

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