Brazilian GP moved to November 5th

The Brazilian Grand Prix in 2006 is going to be held on November 5 and will be the World Championship decider. It is not clear how the rest of the calendar will change but it seems that the teams are only willing to agree to 19 dates if there are bigger gaps between the races, rather than the back-to-backs we have seen this year. There have been hints for some weeks that the calendar will stretch into November, as it used to do on a regular basis in the 1980s and 1990s, notably at the Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide.

The need to move the Brazilian race comes because of the Brazilian presidential election which will take place on October 1 – the date which was originally scheduled for Brazil. If a candidate does not win 50% or more of the votes, there is a run-off between the two leading contenders, which will be held on the last weekend in October, which means that the first weekend of November would be the first after the election. More at

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