Chinese F1 driver within 5 years

In an exclusive press conference on Monday held at Shanghai's Garden Hotel, FIA President Max Mosley, looked back on the success of last years inaugural Chinese Grand Prix and expressed his thoughts on this year’s season finale.

China's top sport and entertainment media turned out in force to hear Mosley talk about the past year, the forthcoming race and answer questions on everything from the Indianapolis/Michelin incident to the rumors surrounding the creation of a rival championship.

When questioned about his thoughts on the Shanghai International Circuit (SIC) and the forthcoming Chinese Grand Prix in October he commented: "The facility is probably the best in the World, it is very difficult to see how what took place last year could be improved. Everyone was overwhelmed by the facility and we are very much looking forward to this year's event. I'm very impressed with the increased amount of motorsport taking place in China. Not just Formula One, China has a very successful Rally Championship. I think as a result of all this activity I think we will see a Chinese driver in the next five to ten years. I think China can look forward to a very successful future in motorsport."

The Shanghai based circuit is a hive of activity as they prepare to host the second Grand Prix with many lessons learned from last year’s race and the MotoGP early this year. Early indications continue to point towards a sell-out race as the FIA Formula One World Championship Series 2005 comes to a close. Source SIC

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