Revised San Jose Track

Below is the proposed new San Jose track for 2006 per The new addition should add a bit more flair as it travels directly in front of the Fairmont Hotel. The track map shows a chicane type kink where the track crosses San Carlos Ave, but in reality it is just a gentle bend so expect higher speeds as the cars travel down Market St. to Balbach Street. Add about 2/10ths of a mile to the track's 2005 1.4-mile distance, making it a 1.6-mile track.

Also noted that if they do use this plan it appears that they still plan to use the narrow side of Park Ave, where the apex is only 20 feet wide and that entire side of the street is only 23 feet in width!! Just about every Champ Car crash/incident that occurred during the 2005 race was due to a car hitting the Turn 4 barrier. We simply don't understand this thinking….One reason Park Ave was so narrow, is that the concrete blocks lining the track were set on the asphalt instead of the curbing. If they had been on the curbing, the track would have been at least 4.5 feet wider.

Existing1.4-mile 2005 San Jose Layout

Proposed 1.6-mile 2006 San Jose Layout

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