Why is there so much instability in the IndyCar paddock?

A reader asks, Over the years I have seen drivers come and go in IndyCar, even from race-to-race. What is up with that? You cannot build a fanbase that way. George Steele

Dear George, That is because ride-buyers make up about half the grid. With low TV ratings on NBCSN teams cannot get sponsors to hire a driver for the entire season, so they have to rely on ride-buyer money to stay afloat. When their money dries up they are gone. If fact the entire IndyCar ladder system is funded by ride-buyer money. Young drivers pay the team for the opportunity to race. It's sad situation really. While some of these youngsters are real talents, one has to wonder how many talented youngsters are being missed because daddy did not have any money to buy them a ride to show it. I sometimes wonder if I can buy myself the starting quarterback job for the Dallas Cowboys. Mark C.

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