Kimi ‘better than Schu’?

Kimi Raikkonen is more naturally talented than Michael Schumacher. That's the claim of David Coulthard, who said his former teammate at McLaren is 'amazing' at the grand prix wheel.

''Every time he gets in the car it is amazing,'' the 34-year-old Scot told his Daily Record column, ''even after he's been off for three weeks.''

On the other hand, DC called his Woking replacement – Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya – a ''disappointment. Many of us expected him to give Kimi a run for his money,'' David added.

''His blundering performance in Turkey could cost Kimi the title.''

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that – without a signed Red Bull contract in the filing cabinet – Coulthard might have stood a chance of joining Michael Schumacher at Ferrari next year.

''Well,'' DC grinningly mused, ''I believe I could do a better job than (Felipe) Massa.''

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