Davidson pins hopes on Midland

Anthony Davidson has targeted a possible ride at Midland next season. The BAR-Honda test driver is looking for a race drive and is free to leave at the end of this month when his contract expires.

He has already held talks with Midland bosses over a race seat for next year and despite their current difficulties, Davidson is prepared to give owner Alex Shnaider a chance to prove he is serious about success in Formula One.

He said: "It's not really my job to talk about what their plans are for the team or what they're going to do money-wise or sponsorship-wise. If they are approaching me for a drive next season then it's good enough for me. They trust that I know what I'm doing and I trust them. They are obviously in it for a reason and I think next year will probably be the full attack that they planned for. This year was a bit stop-gap season.

"They know I'm going to be free. We did our rounds in the pit lane and they were one of the teams we went to. Because [ex-Formula Three bosses] Adrian Burgess and Trevor Carlin were there it made it easier to just go and have a chat and find out what their plans are for next year. As things have gone on, more and more the team has started thinking about driver line-up next year and they basically know I'm around now – I'm available for sure."

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