Quali to get crucial tweak

Although a radical change to next year's qualifying format is now unlikely, the existing single-lap-per-driver layout is likely to get a crucial tweak.

McLaren boss Ron Dennis says every team agrees unanimously that the order for qualifying should not be based on the result of the previous grand prix.

''We have got to find a solution to stop that,'' he insisted.

At the moment, a car failure ensures that a driver is doubly penalized by having to qualify early at the next race, which is a disadvantage because a track is usually fastest at the end of a session.

Dennis said: ''We want to come up with a way to avoid that penalty moving forward.''

The current situation also creates a scenario where, in Turkey for example, Michael Schumacher ambled around several laps behind the leader merely to improve his qualifying slot for the Monza race.

What is likely, therefore, is that the order for qualifying will be determined based on the second Saturday practice run.

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