Fisi to Ferrari in 2007?

Giancarlo Fisichella was surprised when he read the news that former Sauber teammate Felipe Massa had been signed by Ferrari for 2006.

Reckoning that the deal would be for just one year, Renault's Fisichella – an Italian who has long harbored the Prancing Horse dream – wondered if the 24-year-old Brazilian was simply the only one willing to switch.

''Massa is a good driver,'' Fisichella told AP in Turkey, ''but maybe his experience is not enough. 'Maybe it's the right choice.''

Asked why he thought Ferrari plumped for the baby-faced Paulista, 32-year-old Giancarlo mused: ''Maybe (they didn't have) enough options.''

The one-year contract was probably also pivotal, Rome-born Fisichella – who has endured a nightmare season alongside Fernando Alonso – continued. Moreover, perhaps Giancarlo's willingness to comment so candidly on the matter is a tidy sign that he would have liked a shot in the scarlet cockpit.

Fisi, under contract at Renault next year, grimaced: ''I don't know. I don't know. I don't know for 2007.''

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