How long will Eidswick stay un-retired?

UPDATE This rumor is now upgraded to 'fact.' See story to appear on Hot News page. 08/15/05 Recall that when Dick Eidswick took the job as President of Champ Car it was to be for one year. He came out of retirement as a favor to Kevin Kalkhoven and ended up staying on past his original intended 12-month service. In that time the likeable Eidswick has been instrumental in fixing many of the management and operational issues that plagued CART (now Champ Car) and has guided the Atlantic Series through the process of defining its future with a new formula and increased interest.

Our sources tell us that OWRS, the owners of Champ Car, is trying to find Eidswick (pictured right) some help so he can spend more time with his ailing wife and enjoy some time for R&R. According to our sources, don't be surprised if OWRS splits the duties of Eidswick by hiring a new President but keeping Eidswick in the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board. Our sources say OWRS has been interviewing some key leaders and an announcement could be forthcoming any day.

We have yet to find anyone who doesn't like Eidswick. He's very approachable, very down-to-earth, comes across as rather aloof at times, but under that always smiling warm face is one of Champ Car's unsung heroes in helping to take the company from the throes of bankruptcy onto the road to a healthy recovery. As we write this the hard working Eidswick is flying halfway around the world to meet with leaders in Beijing and then South Korea to firm up the Beijing deal and make last minute plans for Champ Car's first trip to South Korea in October. Mark C.

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