Big NASCAR lawsuit coming says Childress

Team owner Richard Childress said he expects legal action will eventually remedy the trend of drivers signing contracts with another team with a year or more remaining with their current team. "What it will take is one person to burn one of them's ass for doing it, and it will stop that trend," Childress said. "I'm surprised at some of the car owners for what they've done, especially when it involves drivers holding contracts.

"You better be real careful, especially when a guy has a contract, talking to him about a contract he is already under."

Childress said he was surprised owner Roger Penske signed reigning Cup champion Kurt Busch to a 2007 deal this week, but he was "not surprised at all" that Jack Roush would make such a move, when he signed Jamie McMurray to a 2007 deal.

"What is going to be next? Who knows where this is going now," Childress said. "It has to end."

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