NASCAR looking to expand globally

UPDATE #2 This related article talks about NASCAR's acceptance into mainstream America and its readiness to make a big impact globally. If open wheel racing does not get its act together, it will soon find NASCAR eroding their market share further. Right now NASCAR is an "American" thing. It remains to be seen how well they are accepted in other countries. People in many countries already have an anti-American sentiment. 02/18/05 This article [excerpts] reinforces the notion that NASCAR has its sights set on conquering the world – Having successfully hastened the demise of open-wheel racing in the United States — call it a case of assisted suicide, given the numerous self-inflicted CART/IRL blunders in recent years — NASCAR has set its sights on the rest of North America. And that’s just for starters………In addition to the heavily promoted inaugural Busch Series event, NASCAR has hired former Cup driver Chad Little to develop a feeder racing series in Mexico in attempt to drive Hispanic interest in heavily Hispanic U.S. markets, including Dallas, Chicago, Miami and New York. NASCAR hopes to race in New York by the end of the decade. 02/18/05 It is undoubtedly just a coincidence but just a couple of weeks after Ray Evernham announced that he would be setting up an engine operation in Northampton, to be called Evernham Advanced Engine Technology to assist him in his efforts to win in the NASCAR Nextel Cup there comes news that Dodge, which Evernham represents in NASCAR is planning a global expansion in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. [Editor's Note: Recall our article in 2003 War of the Worlds where we warned that the oval track cartel would eventually try to put a dent in F1's world dominance.]

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