Night grands prix?

The carmakers' breakaway alliance has not ruled out taking a radical approach to boosting the appeal of F1-style racing. Ron Dennis, recently appointed as a sort of teams' spokesman for the 'GPMA' cause, floated the concept of 'night grands prix' as a possible element of post-'08 F1.

''In five years' time,'' the McLaren boss told the Independent newspaper, ''I'd like to see (F1) one and a half times greater in audience, with much more global reach. I'd also like to see much better promotion, a better spectacle in the type of racing we have, and more teams.''

Improving global reach, he says, will be achieved first by ensuring 'prime time' TV slots, and turning on the fans. Dennis revealed: ''We have not discounted such extremes … as moving the timing of grands prix as we go round the world. That has even seen us consider racing at night, under floodlights.''

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