NBC likely to retain NASCAR

According to this ThatsRacin article, NASCAR is likely to renew its agreement with NBC for 2007 and beyond. Right now, Glover said, it appears that the structure of the new deal for Nextel Cup would look a lot like the current one. "While you never say never in negotiations, what we are looking at and what we believe is the preferred structure is what we have now," he said. "We believe it was pretty much right five years ago to go with two partners, and it seems that the idea of two packages is the way to go." Glover said he sees no reason Cup races and NFL broadcasts could not co-exist on NBC in the season's second half. NBC will be back in the pro football business beginning in 2006.

"That could be a powerful professional platform that could be helpful for NASCAR." Glover said. "Is there potential for some conflicts? Yes, but we think the overall benefits would outweigh that."

Glover said the idea of giving Fox the Daytona 500 every year, since NBC/TNT have the Chase for the Nextel Cup races, has been discussed.

"But the other side of coin is that NBC in the Olympics business for at least several more years," Glover said. "During Olympic years that's a great lead-in and lead-out for us. There's something to be said for that, and all of those things have to be weighed out."

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