Mark Martin to run another year

UPDATE Mark Martin said Friday that if Jack Roush needs him to, he'll forgo his semi-retirement and come back for one more season behind the wheel of the No. 6 Ford. "He wants me to drive until I'm 90,'' Martin said of Roush. "The man has cried a number of times over this. He was giddy last week when I said I would reconsider. My career has been built on the 6 car and Jack Roush, and it's important to me to feel that I haven't let them down. For 18 years that's been my car, and for the next 18 it'll probably be my car to me.'' 07/14/05 Jack Roush asked Mark Martin if he would consider taking one for the team–"an encore tour"–if Jamie McMurray were unavailable in 2006 to drive the #6 Ford. Roush was beaming ear to ear when he said, "He didn't tell me no." Sporting News

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