Controversies in Edmonton

UPDATE More comments on track safety from Paul Tracy – "I had one moment at what would be the last corner, the chicane. I turned in there and I had the back jump out on me sideways. I caught it. The thing straightened up. I was like going straight head on for the wall right there. Only one set of tires up against the concrete wall. I looked at that, I was probably going 160 at that point. I was like, "Well, that doesn't look too safe to me." I don't know if anybody else noticed that.

"I didn't think about it beforehand. I thought that corner was going to be pretty easy flat. It's not easy flat. It's really bumpy on the entry. The car jumps around a lot because the cars are so stiff because of the high speed. It stepped out and I caught it. I was going like head on for the wall. Probably could use some more tires there, the last chicane."

07/15/05 Eric Bachelart, Mi-Jack Conquest team boss, isn't happy with Mario Dominguez and feels he should apologize for the accident that happened between he and Andrew Ranger this morning. "He didn't even come to apologize," said Bachelart.

We hear that Paul Tracy has had it with Sebastien Bourdais' blaming everyone but himself for every incident. Keep your eye on what happens between these two, both on and off the track.

We hear that the Newman/Haas drivers think the Edmonton track is a bit dangerous, but we quizzed other drivers who didn't have anything negative to say, other than the track was bumpier than they realized. Mark C.

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