Teams put IRL on notice

UPDATE A reader asks, Dear, Where would they go? Grand-Am and race in front of no one? Or maybe they will join the queue of teams trying to fill the field in NASCAR? Maybe they plan to join Minardi at the back of the F1 grid? Or maybe they could go to the ALMS, but wouldn’t they then have to race with Champ Car at three events? James C. Allen, Virginia Dear James, There are many scenarios that can play out, including Tony George digging into the family coffers to subsidize them. We'll just have to wait and see if Roger Penske can save them by finding a replacement manufacturer. Mark C. 07/10/05 According to a PR rep for one of the IRL teams (not Andretti or Ganassi) who shall remain nameless, Andretti Green Racing and Ganassi Racing have put the IRL on notice that if they lose Toyota and Honda backing without a replacement, the chances of them staying in the series is small.

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