Schu takes off-track pounding

Michael Schumacher is rumored to have taken another pounding by his on-track rivals in a drivers' meeting at Silverstone. The world champion, effectively a secluded opinion after the Indy farce, was openly criticized on Saturday by fellow grand prix drivers' director, Jarno Trulli.

''He hasn't been honest,'' the Italian told Gazzetta dello Sport. ''We are all united and … there is only one against.''

Trulli said the German, as president of the drivers' body, has taken an 'unsuitable' position on the matter, such as refusing to sign recent driver statements. The Toyota driver alleged: ''(Schumacher's position) is a political act.''

Ferrari's champion was reportedly told to come on board at the Silverstone GPDA meeting, or resign as president. But Michael told the media: ''It was a completely ordinary meeting.''

Fellow director and rival Mark Webber, though, indicated that the Schu split has been brewing for some time. The Australian told the Sunday Times: ''This was the first year I didn't get a Christmas card from Michael.''

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