2005 last year for Spa

Word in Europe is that 2005 may be the last year that F1 races at Spa. Bernie wants to cut out a race or two from the schedule and Spa appears to be the target. With some 8 weeks to go before this year's race to be held in September, only 16,000 tickets have been sold and there is a reluctance for the local government to underwrite the race again. That coupled with the fact that some of the facilities are less than standard, including some open-air toilets, has those in the know saying Spa is history..

If so, will Champ Car take a look at this historic venue? Since it is not an urban event conducive for a 3-day festival, and given Champ Car has still not pulled itself back to its former glory days, one has to wonder if it would draw enough fans to make the event profitably at this time.

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