Champ Car to give up on Trans-Am

UPDATE This rumor, which originated from AutoWeek, is downgraded to 'false' today. obtained this statement from Champ Car – "The Trans-Am Series is a valued and vital component of the Champ Car family and is very popular with fans at all of our venues. Champ Car and the Trans-Am Series have built a strong relationship over the years and will continue to work together in order to provide great racing action to all of our fans." 06/30/05 Champ Car will probably end its involvement with Trans-Am at the end of the season say sources within the company according to AutoWeek. Grids have been small and the saloon cars are seen as a poor fit for Champ Car's open-wheel development plans. The Trans-Am name is leased from SCCA by Champ Car and it's thought that SCCA will use the historic name to brand the GT category of its Speed World Challenge Series. If rumors are true that Champ Car is going to do more races with ALMS next year, Trans-Am may be one of the consequences.

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