Todt says teams want Mosley out

Ferrari team boss Jean Todt thinks there is an ongoing campaign in the Formula 1 paddock to force the resignation of FIA president Max Mosley following the USGP debacle.

Mosley has been accused by the Michelin-shod teams – which withdrew from the Indy event on the grounds of safety – of mishandling the situation, since the FIA refused to grant the teams’ request to put up a chicane on IMS’s turn 13.

While only Minardi owner Paul Stoddart publicly demanded Mosley’s resignation, other signs – such as the complaint from the sport’s drivers regarding a “threatening" call from Mosley to Grand Prix Drivers Association director David Coulthard – would further indicate the pressure to force Mosley’s ousting. The Michelin teams have appealed on the FIA’s verdict which blamed the squads for the USGP fiasco.

"Lots of people don't like Max Mosley, that's clear," Todt told Autosport-Atlas. "I like Max Mosley, so that's the first fundamental difference. I like him, I rate him, I appreciate what he does, and I respect what he does.

"They [the other teams] don't like him, they don't rate what he does and they don't want him to stand again for [presidency of] the FIA. So everything that they can try to do to avoid that, they are trying to do," he added.

“So we are not on safety, we are not on tires – we are on politics." More at

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