Meetings at Magny Cours

The Indy recriminations continued to be felt at Magny Cours, with another meeting – involving the drivers – held on Saturday. They converged on the Renault motor home, and McLaren boss Ron Dennis said the pilots wanted to be 'enlightened' about why they couldn't drive. According to reports, though, a more interesting meeting occurred on Friday.

'Autosport' said Red Bull driver and GPDA director David Coulthard told his colleagues that he had received a cross phone call from FIA president Max Mosley. The Scot apparently said Max scolded him for heading the divisive 19-driver statement, and trying to organize another GPDA document at Indy.

Other reports, though, said Flavio Briatore had organized the driver statement. Certainly, most media outlets were sent a copy of the statement via the Renault press office. ''I didn't know anything about it,'' 'Flav' insisted.

Meanwhile, the GPDA meeting is believed to have reinforced a division among the ranks, with 'president' Michael Schumacher criticized for failing to support the majority. Some kind of GPDA statement is expected on Sunday.

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