USGP as a non-championship round

F1 drivers have shot down a wayward rumor that the sport, to reconcile angry fans, might return to Indianapolis for a non-championship race at the end of the year. ''I've heard nothing about that,'' said Fernando Alonso.

World champion Michael Schumacher added: ''Let's talk about facts. There are always stories doing the rounds.''

''I haven't heard anything,'' Jarno Trulli chimed in, ''but I'd be happy to go there again.''

Jordan's Tiago Monteiro said: ''I'll do five more (grands prix) if you want! I've not heard anything about it though.''

Kimi Raikkonen, meanwhile – desperate to close the title gap to Alonso, inadvertently churned out the quote of the day. The Finn said, deadpan: ''Why non-championship?''

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