FIA to kick Michelin out

UPDATE This PDF file is a copy of correspondence between the FIA and Michelin back on June 1st and 2nd whereby the FIA warns Michelin that their tires appear to be having too many failures and a letter back from Michelin assuring the FIA that their tires are safe and undergo the highest levels of quality control and quality assurance. A few short weeks later disaster strikes at Indy and the sport is thrown into a turmoil. This of course makes one wonder if indeed the rumor is true that the FIA will kick Michelin out of F1. 06/19/05 According to reliable sources Forza Motorsport can exclusively reveal that FIA will kick Michelin out of the championship next year and make Bridgestone sole supplier of tires next season in formula 1. The situation in the USA can best be described with two words: anger and chaos! FIA is very upset with Michelin and will in a few weeks publicly present that Michelin will be kicked out of the championship." Source

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