Ron Dennis and McLaren to reject FIA proposal

We have it on good word that Ron Dennis and his McLaren team will vehemently object to today's FIA proposal to whack most of the needless technology and hence cost out of F1 in 2008. The FIA press release (See Home page) isn't really anything new, just more detail on earlier proposals. It all makes a lot of sense and will move F1 very close to Champ Car. Ron Dennis, having spent ungodly sums of money to develop his new technical center will immediately shoot holes in this proposal since it will essentially shutter his technical playground for engineers. Quick someone send Ron a For Sale sign. With the tranquil lake next door, the building would make a great Nursing Home.

We also hear that the GPWC (manipulated like puppets by Dennis behind the scenes) will soon issue a press release of their own stating that they are moving ahead with their breakaway series.

However, in the end, the FIA will win because their proposal makes far too much sense and ultimately the manufacturers will agree that cutting costs is the way to go. His McLaren empire about to collapse, Ron Dennis was said to have steam coming out from his ears this morning and shaking uncontrollably after having read the proposal. That shot would have made our next picture of the week list for certain.

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