Williams running light

Juan Montoya thinks that the Williams team qualified with a light fuel load for today's race at the Nurburgring. “It’s a bit frustrating and disappointing," Montoya said when comparing his qualifying time to his teammate Raikkonen. “We’ve been really quick all weekend. I think we’ve done a lot of improvements to set up the car for me a little bit, but I think the track conditions were not great. Look at what Alonso did in qualifying and Fisichella, compared with them, it looks pretty good. Compared with Kimi, not so good.

“I had a big moment in the high-speed chicane and lost about three tenths there. It’s not brilliant, but it’s not terrible. I think my race pace in the last few races has been getting better, and now that we are in a much higher grid position, it could be quite interesting."

“I think Williams is quite light. I think the Renault is probably going long. It’s hard to say. But what you see on pace it wouldn’t surprise me if Renault is going where we’re going probably, and Williams and Toyota are going shorter. The rest, I don’t know and I don’t care."

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