Friction developing between Williams teammates

The first shots in what could be a war of words was fired by BMW WilliamsF1's Mark Webber at, somewhat surprisingly, teammate Nick Heidfeld. Webber claims that Nick is not trying hard enough and that he takes the easy option during a race rather than pushing hard.

In the Australian media Mark spoke of how he felt that Nick was not trying hard enough. That he would settle for a place rather than pushing his car to fight for that extra place in the results. "Nick just sits there. He's happy to do that. I refuse to sit there. I'm going to try. I don't want to settle for seventh or eighth.

"I don't think I've been beaten by a teammate when I've finished, apart from last weekend. Even in the races where I've had a DNF, I've been ahead of my teammate at the time."

One wonders whether Mark's criticism of Heidfeld is based on the fact that he has yet to achieve a good result for the team, where as Nick has secured a third placed podium finish. Is this becoming a source of frustration for the Australian, especially as Mark has made several driving errors in races, including spinning out in Bahrain and in the last race at San Marino.

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