F1 testing limit agreement about to break down

Ferrari's performance in Sunday's San Marino GP whereby Michael Schumacher's Ferrari was some 2 seconds per lap faster then everyone in race conditions was no doubt the result of their massive testing effort. Whereas the other 9 teams have agreed to a self-imposed 30-day per year test limit, Ferrari has already run 20 days and the season is young. Ferrari makes the argument that because they are the only Bridgestone tire team, they must test more than anyone to gather the same amount of data as Michelin does from their nine teams. A valid argument and underscores just how expensive a tire war makes racing.

Given Ferrari’s dominating performance on Sunday, look for the other teams to start to break their self-imposed testing limit to now catch up to Ferrari. “I don't think Ferrari's competitors can just sit there and accept them driving into the distance," Toyota president John Howett told Autosport-Atlas. "I think the [30-day] agreement has already started to break down. Either Ferrari must join the remaining teams or we need to find some sort of compromise where there is an equivalence. Otherwise people will start to test remorselessly," he added. “It is a question of common sense."

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