Seen at Imola

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact.' Billionaire racing team owner Dietrich Mateschitz was in a very jolly mood at Imola, having announced a new engine deal with Ferrari for 2006 and 2007. The Red Bull Racing team will be supplying Ferrari with a big chunk of cash and Jean Todt and his customer engine division at Ferrari will be putting the money into the Ferrari piggy-bank to make up for earnings which will be lost next year because of poor results so far this season.

Billionaire engine company owner Kevin Kalkhoven was rather less chirpy on Saturday afternoon when he flew in to Imola from America to have talks with Herr Mateschitz about Red Bull Racing using Kalkhoven's Cosworth Racing V8s in 2006 and discovered that the Red Bull magnate had failed to mention that he would not be needing Cosworth's help next year.

Billionaire racing promoter Bernie Ecclestone was no doubt pleased with the outcome of the deal as Ferrari gets some more income and Red Bull gets a competitive engine.

04/23/05 Rumors out of Imola suggest that Kevin Kalkhoven and possibly Paul Gentilozzi were spotted in the paddock at Imola. We do know that Kalkhoven's plane departed for Europe last night. First stop was supposed to be London, but perhaps with the Red Bull to Ferrari announcement they decided to go to Imola first. Kalkhoven has to shore up Cosworth's diminishing F1 business.

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