Some teams may attend Max’s meeting

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact.' Jordan and Red Bull Racing will attend Friday's meeting with the FIA to discuss future rule changes, Autosport has learned, despite claims last week that only Ferrari would join in the discussions about 2008 rules. According to an exclusive report in this week's Autosport, the two teams are keen not to align themselves too strongly with the plans for a manufacturer breakaway championship and may have been tempted to the FIA talks by the promise of discussions over changes to the 2005 qualifying format. 04/13/05 There are indications that one or more of the F1 teams may attend the FIA meeting on Friday to discuss the federation's plans for 2008 and beyond. Ferrari, of course, will be in attendance but there seems to be a possibility that one or two of the other teams might also turn up in order to maintain their position as neutral in the current dispute. This does not mean that they are switching sides although no doubt that will be the conclusion drawn by those who are keen to promote the idea that the union of the nine teams is flaky. Our understanding is that Red Bull Racing is probably one of the teams and Jordan may be the other. Significantly, Jordan's new owner Alex Shnaider made an appearance at the meeting of the teams and manufacturers last week, having decided to take a look to see the lay of the land.

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