Villeneuve to NASCAR rumors resurface

Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve has expressed an interest in driving in NASCAR, according to some who have talked with him, and that could be a good sign for NASCAR's proposed Canadian racing project. Last spring, when Villeneuve's F1 career seemed all but over, and he was searching for a ride, Villeneuve inquired about NASCAR opportunities. But last fall he managed to land another F1 ride, though it wasn't a great one. At 34, Villeneuve may well be nearing the end of his career on the international circuit. Some say that Villeneuve may not have the attitude for NASCAR's "got-to-get-along" world, or the gumption for the grinding 38-week-a-year tour. An intriguing aspect to NASCAR's Canadian venture is that Vancouver may be a player, because that beautiful city, just two hours north of Seattle, could give the sport its long-awaited Northwest anchor. Given the problems that NASCAR has had finding 800 acres and political support for construction of a track in the Seattle area itself, Vancouver could be a solution. And Vancouver has a racing tradition with street-course CART Indy-car races. Winston Salem Journal [Editor's Note: We simply don't see this one happening. Villeneuve is said to have more money than God and see no reason for him to damage his career further by trying NASCAR where the Nextel Cup drivers would like nothing better to bang up on a former World Champion just to prove a point.]

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