Bremer may get 2nd HVM seat

UPDATE #2 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' based on today's announcement that Bremer has the 2nd seat. 04/03/05 Verstappen can't take the third seat at Sauber, he does not qualify because he has run in far too many F1 races. Whether than means he is still in the running for an HVM Champ Car seat is still up in the air, but we hear Bremer will probably get it. 04/02/05 Ronnie Bremer has taken pole position to land the 2nd HVM seat alongside Bjorn Wirdheim. A final decision is forthcoming. It's expected one of the Mexicans – Rodolfo Lavin or Roberto Gonzalez will get the final Dale Coyne seat and that will close out the grid for Long Beach. Jos Verstappen could not come up with enough money in time and appears to be hanging his hopes on a possible 3rd driver role at Sauber, though that is a long shot.

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