‘Go9’ may snub FIA meeting

For a second time, the so-called 'group of nine' might snub an upcoming FIA meeting. McLaren chairman Ron Dennis said the April 15 summit would either be attended by 'all or none' of the non-Ferrari clan. They'll get together on 9 April, to decide whether or not to go to the meeting slated to – with Max Mosley – talk about rules for 2008 and beyond. ''There's a bit of time before (2008),'' Ron stated. Woking's main man also hit out at a little-noticed sentence in last week's FIA statement. While the governing body announced that F1's technical regulations will stay the same until 2008, it quietly added that even an 'unanimous' request by the teams for change would only be 'considered' by the World Council. ''I'm struggling to feel comfortable with that,'' said RD, a traditional foe of Max Mosley.

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