No mercy for Dodge from NASCAR

UPDATE #2 The Dodge Charger nose has been in the news recently because it seems to pick up trash off of the track, blocking the air flow to the radiator. Speculation has it that Dodge has gone to NASCAR and ask for modifications on the nose. At Nashville Superspeedway this past weekend, Ray Evernham said that as far as he knows, Dodge has neither ask for — or have been offered any concessions from NASCAR concerning any modifications of the Dodge Charger nose. "We've talked to them about a possible replacement of the trash screen and nothing else," said Evernham. Insider Racing News 03/28/05 Jeff Hammond of FoxSports: "Dodge is concerned about it [Nose], and they've had some conversations with NASCAR. But Dodge designed the nose and presented it to NASCAR in a certain form. If NASCAR allows a change, the benefits of cooling the engine block can't also give teams another benefit with downforce or drag. I think NASCAR will be a little reluctant to make any changes as long as Chargers run tape on the nose. If Dodge went to NASCAR and said, "Hey guys, we're overheating, and we need a little tweak", NASCAR might be more willing to make a change if there's no tape covering the opening. But more than likely, I think that NASCAR would say, "You should have thought about that ahead of time." As long as teams can open up that front end and add more air to the engine, it's going to be hard for NASCAR to give Dodge much leeway." FoxSports 03/14/05 Dodge officials have been in negotiations with NASCAR officials, apparently over aerodynamic issues. Dodge has a new nose and tail this season, and the nose has been controversial because of its tendency to suck up trash on the track and lead to engine overheating. Winston Salem Journal

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