Fittipaldi to resurrect Champ Car team

UPDATE #2 This rumor is downgraded to 'false.' has learned that Emerson will not have a Champ Car team in 2005, but is on track for 2006. 01/31/05 has learned that if Fittipaldi is able to resurrect his team it will be run as a third car out of the PKV Racing shop. Jim McGee is said to be against a third car for PKV Racing, but this car would be managed by Fittipaldi and his team, hence, lessening the burden on PKV Racing. Essentially Fittipaldi would be leasing a car and space from PKV Racing much like he did from Mi-Jack Conquest Racing two years ago. We hear that Verstappen is still high on Fittipaldi's list of drivers, but there are a lot of other drivers knocking on doors right now. Whether Fittipaldi is able to do this deal may depend on how much sponsorship Verstappen and his management can muster up in time. With this third car being one of the better open seats still available in Champ Car, things should get exciting the next two weeks or so. Mark C. 01/13/05 We are hearing whispers that Emerson Fittipaldi is trying to resurrect his Champ Car team, this time Lolas. As to who would be his driver(s), scuttlebutt says Jos Verstappen is one of many under consideration. Mark C.

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