Coyne will run two cars in 2005

UPDATE #2 Dear AutoRacing1, The guy Champ Car should be looking at if they want a Chinese driver is Ho-Pin Tung ( Although I believe he was born and raised in Holland, I think he is the best bet to represent China on the international racing scene. He won the F-BMW Asia championship in '03 and had a decent season in German F3 last year (7th with a couple of 2nd places). Probably not ready to step into Champ Car yet, but if they may race there next year, why not give him a learning season in '05. Stuart Page, England 03/12/05 A reader writes, Dear, Who do you think Dale Coyne will put in his two cars in 2005? Nancy Meyers, Bridgeport, CT Dear Nancy, We believe that Champ Car is cognizant of the fact that they must have at least one local driver in the field for each of its races. Hence why we believe you will see Walker Racing run an Australian (They have tested Australian Marcus Marshall and Matt Halliday, who is from nearby New Zealand). As for Coyne, Argentinean Gaston Mazzacane was announced last year for 2005 but we suspect that largely depends on the Argentina race materializing. Champ Car desperately needs to find a Korean driver (for the Ansan race) and they would be wise to stick whoever they find in one of Coyne's cars. If they want to race in China in 2006 they had better get a Chinese driver in a car. Sources tell us that all Champ Car races will be broadcast in China this year and what better way to start getting the Chinese talking about Champ Car now. As to what Chinese driver – why not Alex Yoong for now? He's Chinese, though his current citizenship is in Malaysia. Yoong has already driven in Champ Car and could hop in the car in Long Beach and be ready to go. Kevin Kalkhoven is bringing a Chinese contingent to Long Beach to see what Champ Car is all about. He drove in the V8 Supercar series but not this year. However, he is heading up the Malaysian A1 GP team in 2005 so his availability is questionable. Marchy Lee is another possible driver. Mark C. 03/11/05 Our sources assure us that Dale Coyne Racing will field two cars in Champ Car in 2005. Coyne has been working quietly behind the scenes. It's assumed Mazzacane will drive one car if the Argentina race materializes and Coyne is still talking to Spain's Oriol Servia as well as a number of other drivers. Deals should play out in the next two to three weeks.

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