Another Division of NASCAR in China?

NASCAR went to Japan in 1996-98 for exhibition races. Helton said it was not an "experiment." He said NASCAR went there all along with the thought it was a temporary exhibition series to showcase NASCAR. Don't underestimate NASCAR's "international" plan now, even though it now is modest. NASCAR just got back from its first crack at Mexico, with a successful Busch Series race that is a tier below its premiere Nextel Cup Series. While NASCAR's international plan probably won't include Nextel Cup races in China, or anywhere outside of North America, it could mean the creation in the future of a China NASCAR series, similar to Mexico's Desafio Corona and Canada's CASCAR. Both national series are supported by NASCAR and operate using rules, guidelines and business plans similar to NASCAR. The Desafio Corona, in its second season, already is the top national series in Mexico. With Formula One struggling, NASCAR sees an opening. Other countries already targeted as possibilities to be added to NASCAR's growing empire include Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil and a return to Japan. France said racing is second only to soccer in worldwide sports popularity. France would just like to see those fans prefer racing "NASCAR style." Someday, he might. ThatsRacin/Miami Herald

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