More on NASCAR eyeing Canada

The popular stock car series is definitely interested in expanding north of the border, Robbie Weiss, managing director of NASCAR International, said Friday. "It's a matter of time before we work something out," he said in a telephone interview from Mexico City, where the NASCAR Busch series is holding its first points race outside the United States this weekend. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have been cited by NASCAR officials as attractive markets. Weiss said weather in Canada left only June, July and August for racing, a period in which the 37-race schedule is already crowded. "Another challenge is that you already have a number of events, whether in motor racing or cultural activities, in each of those markets," he said. "Not only do you not want to cannibalize any of those, but from a commercial standpoint, there's not a lot of openings. You need a bit of breathing room to make sure your event is successful."

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