IRL to get paid millions in XM Radio deal

UPDATE #3 Another writes, I find it VERY hard to believe that very many people would listen to an IRL race over XM radio. Not that many watch it on TV because it's so boring, so why would anybody listen to it on the radio, much less satellite radio? Mark M., Texas 03/03/05 A reader writes, Why would anyone want to pay millions for the rights to broadcast the IRL on satellite radio? I wouldn't listen to an IRL race even if I were sitting in the middle of no where with nothing else to do. If ChampCar had a satellite broadcast I doubt that I'd waste my time with it unless I could not make it to a TV set. What is the economic model that makes this work? As an advertiser I wouldn't spend a nickel to advertise on such a program. In fact, I'm only a few miles away from St. Pete's until mid April and I wouldn't waste my time driving across the Sunshine Skyway to see an IRL race. Don Leslie, Manatee County 03/03/05 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact.' See Hot News page for official announcement. 03/03/05 The IRL and XM Satellite Radio today will announce a multiyear agreement that makes XM the exclusive satellite radio partner of the IRL. Industry sources said the deal is in the mid-seven figures annually. XM will begin broadcasting IRL races live and nationwide beginning with Sunday’s Toyota Indy 300 at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Extreme XM, or Channel 152. For more, see today’s issue of THE DAILY. [Editor's Note: For two years now we have made the case that Champ Car should have a satellite radio broadcast deal. Now that the IRL has XM and NASCAR has Sirius that gives both series complete nationwide coverage, will Champ Car continue to sit on the sidelines? In its heyday, Champ Car had a radio network.]

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