Petty contemplates retirement

Kyle Petty probably made his dad proud on Sunday. He finished 17th and even led a lap of the Daytona 500. Kyle Petty said he would be happy to finish in the top 15 just a few days before the race. This coming from the son of Richard Petty, the man who won 200 Cup races and seven NASCAR Cup championships, didn't seem too optimistic. But, judging from the way Kyle has been running in recent years, it was quite realistic.

Quite frankly Kyle has not come close to equaling his dad in his racing accomplishments. It is getting near time for Kyle to think about who will take his place in the Petty Enterprises Dodge. Lee Petty was a Cup champion. His son, Richard, is still considered "The King." And now there is Kyle. A few years back Kyle's son, Adam, was ready to carry on the family name in racing. But Adam was killed in a practice session crash at New Hampshire International Speedway.

There is another Petty named Austin. He works at Petty Enterprises but will not be driving a race car now or anytime in the future. So when Kyle retires, as many of the oldtimers are doing now, Petty Enterprises will have to come up with a replacement, and it will be someone without a Petty name.

Kyle had a good idea of the type of racer he wanted to have replace him. "There are a lot of young racers out there now that have won races but would not be considered." he said. The veteran racer, who heads up the family racing business, pointed out that any driver they pick will have to be good with the media, fans and sponsors. More at….

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