ALMS eyes NY City market

In this interview, ALMS President Scott Atherton was asked:
AutoRacing1: New York City is a pretty exciting place. NASCAR is making a big effort to try to get a race here. Do you think that maybe someday ALMS could race in the city?

Atherton: Boy I sure hope so. And actually one of the many meetings that we’ve held or were participating in this week was on that very subject. There seems to always be one or two initiatives in play to try and bring a proper race into this market. Whether on a temporary circuit or a purpose built circuit there’s a lot of interest in having us be a part of that for the obvious reasons that we bring a lot of manufacture involvement.

When you talk to the management of Audi or Porsche, and you question them about what’s the most important retail market for you, both of them or all of them really have the same answers – that it’s this northeastern corridor, that there’s a lot of product that’s consumed here.

Therefore, there’s a lot of interest by those manufacturers in securing a race. We love racing at Lime Rock and I don’t see anything changing there. But the opportunity to be anywhere in close proximity to New York City would truly be a home run for anyone.

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