Champ Car Spring Training

UPDATE #2 We are now hearing that the Champ Car media event will indeed be held and the dates are March 24/25 in Indianapolis as we previously reported. No on-track action is planned. 01/28/05 We are now hearing there probably won't be any on-track Spring Training for Champ Car this year because too many teams are up in the air at this point (Late TV deal, late schedule, no sponsors). If there is an event, it will be a media/fan event in March in Indianapolis. Drivers will be required to attend. 01/19/05 UPDATE#2 We are now hearing that Spring Training will not be at LVMS. Firebird south of Phoenix has been mentioned. Pretty desolate, but warm. 01/05/05 Word on the street is that Champ Car Spring Training will probably be in February at either Laguna Seca or Las Vegas, with Las Vegas being in the lead. 11/03/04 According to the Las Vegas Sun, Champ Car World Series officials are believed to be looking at holding their 2005 Champ Car spring training pre-season test at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in February. 'We're going to pick a site out in the Western part of the United States that works for the teams and works for us and particularly as a good location for the press," Champ Car president Dick Eidswick said, while declining to elaborate on a specific site. "We're talking about having the spring training and the preview of the season probably the end of February." LVMS general manager Chris Powell acknowledged that the topic of holding the test session and preview in Las Vegas has been discussed, but said the speedway and Champ Car do not have a signed agreement.

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