IRL finds replacement for Chevy

UPDATE #3 has learned that any new IRL engine supplier won't be badging a Cosworth engine, so if there is any truth to this rumor, they will have to design their own engine or go to perhaps Ilmor. We are downgrading this rumor to 'speculation' for now. 02/08/05 Speculation is rampant that the company who may badge the Cosworth IRL engine is Hyundai. How ironic that Champ Car will race in South Korea this year and can't land a South Korean company to badge their Cosworth engine but the IRL, who doesn't race in South Korea and is supposed to be everything 'American," can. Will Honda and Toyota stick around to beat up on Hyundai? Time will tell. 02/02/05 Doesn't amount to a hill of beans unless that 'Asian' engine manufacturer is agreeing to supply the entire field, and even if so they will certainly not be throwing the kind of money at teams Toyota and Honda are and therefore the teams will not have sufficient budgets to run…..Toyota has publicly stated that they prefer an AMERICAN manufacturer in the IRL for them to compete against. Chevy has said it will not compete, even with Cosworth building the engines, beyond 2005. 02/02/05 Rumor has it that the IRL is close to a multi-year deal with another Asian engine manufacturer to badge the Cosworth engines that Chevy was badging in the IRL starting in 2006. If the rumor is to be believed, supposed several IRL teams have been approached about running the engine in 2006., giving the IRL a full field of Asian engines. After that it is anyone's guess what will happen to any of the manufacturers in the series as a new engine formula will be in place by then. If rumors are to be believed, Cosworth may be the only IRL engine supplier.

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