Stoddart for FIA president

(GMMF1.NET) Incumbent Max Mosley may not go unchallenged at the upcoming FIA presidential election. 'F1 Racing' magazine reported that many non-Ferrari teams are gravely concerned about apparent prejudice and the way in which a new regulation is introduced. ''Now,'' said effective Group of Nine spokesman Paul Stoddart, ''Max … is acting counter to (F1's) best interest.'' Might Australia's Stoddart put himself forward as a candidate for the presidency? The Minardi owner answered: ''If the job were to be split up (into a vice F1-specific role) … that would certainly interest me.'' Someone mentioned the Stoddart rumor to Max Mosley at Thursday's media lunch in London. He grinned: ''(Paul) and Minardi know more than anyone about slowing a car down.''

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