Gascoyne’s job on the line

After Cristiano da Matta was released early by the Toyota F1 team he stated that the 2004 Toyota TF104 was a step backward from the previous TF103, that the car, not the driver was to be blamed for the teams poor performance. Well it looks like Mike Gascoyne and company have designed another losing car in the 2005 TF105. So far the TF105 has shown a good potential but there is one worrying aspect that needs to be drastically improved: consistency over the long runs.

"The car appears to be fast but not over long distance," said Jarno Trulli to the Gazetta dello Sport. "It's not a weight distribution problem but we don't know if it is related to aerodynamics or mechanical."

"There is too much rear tire wear," explained the Italian. "We still have three weeks [before the Australian Grand Prix] to find a solution."

Jarno Trulli analyses the TF105's reaction, which seems to be similar to another car he drove a few years ago… that was also designed under the supervision of Mike Gascoyne. "The car becomes more difficult to drive after just three laps, which reminds me of my old Jordan. It's too bad because it is easy to drive and the engine is now reliable."

With all the money Toyota is sinking into F1 we doubt they are going to have much patience for a car that reminds their drivers of a lowly Jordan. If indeed the TF105 can't be fixed, look for their design boss, Mike Gascoyne to be replaced.

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