Aero problems for new BAR

According to reports in Autosport, the new BAR007 may is suffering from aerodynamic issues and engine problems, despite setting some decent times in testing last week. “The car is lacking in downforce and there is a basic lack of aerodynamic grip," a team insider told Autosport. “So far the car has been reliable and I have not had any problems," the Japanese driver Sato told the British publication. “I have no problems with the balance of the car, the handling is okay, but some of the other cars are quicker. I know we have got a rev-limit on the engine and we have not made the best use of the tires we have been given, but it is true to say that there is some grip missing – there is much less than we had hoped for. When I saw the Renault time my jaw dropped and when I saw the McLaren it dropped even further."

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